Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something In A New World: Run Wrake

Run Wrake has been at it for quite a while.
His bizarrely beautiful artistry first took me to another mindplane when I saw his "Anyway" animation (pictured above) at a hazy basement party in downtown NYC sometime in the early 1990's.
You may have seen his work on MTV in between segments when the channel used to actually show music videos.
Or maybe you saw a Howie B music video replete with meat, figures, colors and shapes. You know, the ones that ended after several minutes of repetitive imagery and you looked at your roommate (or mother) and said, "What the (heck) was that?" It was great is what it was and you knew it.
Image above from "Jukebox."
This happy little fellow is the idol from "Rabbit."
These angry little children are also from the amazing "Rabbit."
Go watch "Rabbit."

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