Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Asian Dude With Ice Cream In His Head

Greetings again.
Here is a pic from a restaurant in Portugal. On your left is my espresso. On your right is my dessert.
Huh? Yeah, my dessert.
While I was traveling with my family about 2 years ago we stopped at a roadside eatery where on the menu they had a section for kids. One of the items was ice cream in the head of various characters (the hat comes off and there was a little vanilla/chocolate ice cream dish inside)...and this skater was one of the ones you could get. I couldn't believe it! The other characters were all just goofy looking guys but this was like something out of a World War II Bugs Bunny cartoon. I specifically asked for this one to see if it was for real. The company that makes it is Ola (Good Humor in other countries), a subsidiary of the giant Unilever. Who do they have in their design department? Do they let them out for oxygen?
I have since sent this suave and debonair little maverick to Eric Nakamura, the publisher and co-editor of Giant Robot, one of the best damn magazines in the land. His vision has always been an influence on my cultural tastes since its inception. Go read it and shop at their stores!
Eric has a post about the dude on his blog:
See you soon.

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Jason Mayo said...

Nice one! I'm a big fan of GR as well. He gave your blog a nice shout out. Well done!