Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something In A New World: Run Wrake

Run Wrake has been at it for quite a while.
His bizarrely beautiful artistry first took me to another mindplane when I saw his "Anyway" animation (pictured above) at a hazy basement party in downtown NYC sometime in the early 1990's.
You may have seen his work on MTV in between segments when the channel used to actually show music videos.
Or maybe you saw a Howie B music video replete with meat, figures, colors and shapes. You know, the ones that ended after several minutes of repetitive imagery and you looked at your roommate (or mother) and said, "What the (heck) was that?" It was great is what it was and you knew it.
Image above from "Jukebox."
This happy little fellow is the idol from "Rabbit."
These angry little children are also from the amazing "Rabbit."
Go watch "Rabbit."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Filming In Brooklyn

Random photo from a few years back of me filming Americans in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Tom Thumb in foreground.

Seriously low quality digital video on the website (although not filmed that way) and an inebraview (inebriated + interview) in full force. Check it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Late Posting, Issue #2: Drrrty Thanksgiving

Here are some photos from way back before Thanksgiving. Please keep in mind that an innocent child was present at the time of these being taken. So let us try to keep it clean. I know I did not. The little guy had a great time despite my views on the matters discussed in this post.
Mama T and I took the Squirt to view all the balloons the night before the official parade. Most people saw a colorful display of plastic filled with gas. I saw something else.
Here is Ron looking to see if H. Kitty has underwear. Notice his investigative finger.
He does not look pleased. Maybe surprised?
Everyone's favorite ogre is wondering whether the soldier up ahead is a boy or girl.

These weird balls were coming out of Mr. Ogre's bottom into the path of that famous elephant who hears things.
Did anyone else see it this way? Probably not.
If you did, you are not alone.
Maybe a different order next year will stop the madness for one parade.
And if you are playing "Guess what the baby is eating. Go ahead, guess," the answer is peas not green beans.

Monday, January 12, 2009

D.O.A. Still Rules

This E.P. was one of the first punk albums I spent my cold hard paper route cash on back in the day in junior high. I had received several homemade punk mixes from a guy named Lee who was 2 years older than me, but this one I got fresh.
I still sing the songs in my head to this day.
How could anyone resist fine tunage from a guy named Joey Shithead?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Asian Dude With Ice Cream In His Head

Greetings again.
Here is a pic from a restaurant in Portugal. On your left is my espresso. On your right is my dessert.
Huh? Yeah, my dessert.
While I was traveling with my family about 2 years ago we stopped at a roadside eatery where on the menu they had a section for kids. One of the items was ice cream in the head of various characters (the hat comes off and there was a little vanilla/chocolate ice cream dish inside)...and this skater was one of the ones you could get. I couldn't believe it! The other characters were all just goofy looking guys but this was like something out of a World War II Bugs Bunny cartoon. I specifically asked for this one to see if it was for real. The company that makes it is Ola (Good Humor in other countries), a subsidiary of the giant Unilever. Who do they have in their design department? Do they let them out for oxygen?
I have since sent this suave and debonair little maverick to Eric Nakamura, the publisher and co-editor of Giant Robot, one of the best damn magazines in the land. His vision has always been an influence on my cultural tastes since its inception. Go read it and shop at their stores!
Eric has a post about the dude on his blog:
See you soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Late Posting, Issue #1: A Very Squirty Christmas

This is epic in its lateness but who really cares right?
Mama T's cousin was in town during the holiday season and wanted to get her kids into Macy's to get pics with Santa. T decided to tag along, so she bundled the Squirtman for some snaps on a lap as well.

Here is the magic moment captured for eternity. He was laughing and smiling the entire time, didn't cry at all, but when they took the picture he was like "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" and did a little infant flexing.

T's cousin got ill while they were in line and barfed her breakfast.

Happy Holidays!