Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Late Posting, Issue #2: Drrrty Thanksgiving

Here are some photos from way back before Thanksgiving. Please keep in mind that an innocent child was present at the time of these being taken. So let us try to keep it clean. I know I did not. The little guy had a great time despite my views on the matters discussed in this post.
Mama T and I took the Squirt to view all the balloons the night before the official parade. Most people saw a colorful display of plastic filled with gas. I saw something else.
Here is Ron looking to see if H. Kitty has underwear. Notice his investigative finger.
He does not look pleased. Maybe surprised?
Everyone's favorite ogre is wondering whether the soldier up ahead is a boy or girl.

These weird balls were coming out of Mr. Ogre's bottom into the path of that famous elephant who hears things.
Did anyone else see it this way? Probably not.
If you did, you are not alone.
Maybe a different order next year will stop the madness for one parade.
And if you are playing "Guess what the baby is eating. Go ahead, guess," the answer is peas not green beans.


The Masked Marauder said...

Ronald McDonald is so very sneaky.

Rotisserie Style said...

Horton hears a Teabag?