Friday, December 18, 2009

Bloggy Picorama

Let's start this off with a little Iggy and some quality balding.
This is a chair hucked onstage by the guy next to me. All captured in digital beauty by my brother.
It has been a long time since I last posted something.
My brother takes plenty of photographs. Some include my ugly mug.

Walking in Portugal. I miss the warmer weather.
Jorge of Africa.
A clink of the glass. Aguardente. Only the brave.
This is one of the World's Best Photos of Dodgeball. Hold 'em when you throw 'em.
A clink of the chocolate. And the ginja.
wolfsoja. He also makes art.
Langford. Great name. See her art.
Go see Jay.
Poor Devin. Go make him feel better.
Not Jacob. But Jacob likes.

Go see Ed.
Vegan. Not vegan. Tofu scramble burrito for breakfast.
Go see Deanna.
I told you to go see Deanna.

Sometimes you may not even know when you have become legendary. Or maybe just a douche.