Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nothing Specific, Don't Cry About It. I Just Think Everyone Should Know About The Comas.

The Comas are great.
A few years back Andy turned me on to a brew known affectionately as a tripel. When that ran out a sweet Belgian treat finished the job. Life has never been the same since.

Listen to his latest project Electric Owls.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toothless Book Reviews

Squirty has insisted on taking a more active role in these postings. He is quite enthusiastic so I opened the floor to some of his ideas.

He has suggested that every so often he review a book for this blog.

I do not know exactly how he will do this as he cannot formally read as of yet. He enjoys turning the pages, looking at the pictures, and drooling.

Maybe slapping a page now and again when something is exciting.

I guess he does review them without much fanfare. This book is usually tossed aside very quickly. Low drool volume and no slaps.

He has promised to be an unbiased critic and call out the fakers. Look at this serious post-review mug.

This may work out well after all.