Friday, October 9, 2009

In Search Of...Zoo Edition

A day at the zoo. Not that I get all psyched up for depressed animals trapped in unnatural habitats, but for the little man it was totally exciting. He got to see a polar bear for the first time. But it was the "AGUA!" that was in the polar bear cubby that was all the more special. He also got to feed some sheep, a goat, and a very happy alpaca.
But it was at the very end of the day that there occurred a most excellent event. The roundup of the roaming bunnies in the Children's Zoo by this man...
He appeared as the closing began, heralded by a woman in zoo garb telling us to leave.
Out from the door of a small barn, bunny ears on his smooth pate, this gentleman weaved through the foliage rustling up the hares. He was kind enough to allow Squirty a few petting sessions as he passed us during the completion of his work.

What a cool guy. By far my best moment at the zoo (not including any Dada moments). If you are expected to bring the rabbits to safety at the end of their day spent escaping the outstretched arms of children you might as well dress the part.
Rock on bunny dude.


Jacob said...

Cute kid dude..

What's his name?

Eggs McManus said...

Hey Jacob
We call him Squirty but his given name is Alexander.